Garage Door Safety

Safety in your home is important, and garage doors and access systems are no exception. Your garage door is the largest moving object in your home, with a few simple steps you can take to make sure it is safely maintained. This year, we are taking our dedication to safety even further. Sharing information to avoid garage door scams that often leave customers with an insufficient job done for a hefty price.

While the importance of safety is recognized year-round, each May the door and access systems industry recognizes Garage Door Safety Month. This month is especially important for organizations such as the International Door Association (IDA) and the Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA), who use this time as an extra opportunity to raise awareness of safety messages and share their dedication to garage door and operator safety.

Below you will find several important tips, resources and tools to ensure you are keeping your home and family safe.

Care & Maintenance

Follow this comprehensive guide to garage door care and maintenance, covering various aspects, such as safety, lubrication, inspection, and repair.

Follow the Steps

Guide to Safety & Maintenance

Review the key tips in this brochure carefully and keep it for reference to stay-in-the-know on the latest safety recommendations and avoid dangerous situations.

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Qualified Professionals

Get connected with a qualified garage door and operator professional in your area. These verified professionals have superior service skills, knowledge and quality of work.

Find a Qualified Professional

Safety Tips: Garage Door Openers

See our recommendations on garage door opener system safety, including testing the opener’s safety features, ensuring proper installation and adjustment, and keeping controls out of the reach of children.

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Safety Tips: Garage Door Systems

Learn how to safely maintain and use garage doors, including checking springs and cables, properly operating, and more.

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Look, Learn, Listen & Remember

This May – remember to look at your garage door, listen for abnormal sounds, learn the top safety tips and remember to contact a trained garage door professional with concerns.

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Safety Tips: Gate Openers

Explore our advice on gate openers, including safe handling of the gate and its equipment, knowing your system, regular maintenance and more.

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Garage Door Safety Videos

Check out our Garage Door Care YouTube channel with videos on how to properly maintain and assess your garage door system.

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Thank you for your interest in garage door and operator safety. IDA and DASMA are two industry associations that together cover the entire garage door and access systems industry -- from raw materials to installation and maintenance. Learn more about each organization below.

The International Door Association (IDA) is a nonprofit trade association representing door and access system dealers and suppliers all over the world. The association includes the vast majority of garage door dealers, manufacturers and individual technicians in the door and access system industry, and provides resources in the name of advocacy, education and collaboration with likeminded organizations. IDA’s goal is to advance the industry with increased professionalism and product quality unmatched by any other industry.

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The Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA), formed in 1996 and celebrating 25 years of service to the industry, is North America's leading trade association of manufacturers of garage door and access products, including sectional doors, rolling doors, high performance doors, garage door openers, vehicular gate openers, access control products, and suppliers to the industry. DASMA, acting through the united efforts of its members, is the industry’s voice for regulatory, technical, and product issues affecting safety, market growth, and acceptance of the product categories manufactured by member companies.

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